Verios 5 XHR SEM

Deskripsi Produk

The Verios 5 XHR SEM offers subnanometer resolution over the full 1 keV to 30 keV energy range with excellent materials contrast. Unprecedented levels of automation and ease-of-use make this performance accessible to users of any experience level.

Scanning electron microscopy characterization

High resolution nanomaterial imaging with the UC+ monochromated electron source for sub-nanometer performance from 1-30 kV. High contrast on sensitive materials with excellent performance down to 20 eV landing energy and high-sensitivity in-column and below-the-lens detectors and signal filtering for low-dose operation and optimal contrast selection. Greatly reduced time to nanoscale information for users with any experience level using the Elstar electron column featuring SmartAlign and FLASH technologies. Consistent measurement results with ConstantPower lenses, electrostatic scanning and a choice of two piezoelectric stages. Flexibility for accessories with a large chamber. Unattended SEM operation with Thermo Scientific AutoScript 4 Software, an optional Python-based application programming interface.


Key Features :

Key Features :
– SmartAlign technology
– Sub-nanometer resolution
– Low dose operation and optimal contrast selection
– Unattended SEM operation
– Consistent measurement results
– Easy access to beam landing energies
– Large chamber

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