SMC Mechanics & Process Control

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MEC-200 SMC Mechanics & Process Control

The Mechanical Training system provides participants with hardware allowing for hands-on experiments in mechanical shaft alignment, pulley alignment, belt installation, sprocket alignment, chain installation, gear alignment practices, and speed ratios.
The system includes Aluminum frames, Shafts, Bearings, Pulleys, Belts, Sprockets, Chain, Torque Plate, Motor, Motor Tensioning Base, Chain, and Belt Tensioning Idler.

Process control



Fully modular and flexible equipment, comprised of three modules that can work individually or as a complete process line. Various configurations can be created to adapt the IPC-200 equipment to our user’s different requirements and budgets.
IPC-200 emulates a liquid production and bottling plant and includes the technologies used in the continuous process industry, such as pneumatics, electric motors, sensors, continuous processes, programmable controllers, industrial communications, etc.
The training system has been developed by an expert team of engineers and pedagogues to enhance professional skills.
IPC-200 is built entirely from industrial materials so that student works with the same elements found in the working environment.


SMC Mechanics & Process Control IPT-200

The Instrumentation and Process Control Trainer allows students to perform hands-on experiments in Pressure, Flow, and Level applications. The system’s unique design allows rapid conversion between Pressure, Flow, and Level experiments by adjusting the position of valves. All devices are pre-wired to terminal strips allowing for quick circuit modification. Activities in loop wiring, transmitter setup, and loop tuning of PID parameters provide a thorough understanding of Process Control. The system is delivered in a mobile frame version and allows to include several add-ons.

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