LUXOR Au - SEM Coater

Deskripsi Produk

The LUXOR Au is an advanced, fully automated sputtering device that applies a fine grain gold coating from 1 to 100 nm thickness. This allows you to get the very best SEM imaging quality from your samples.

LUXOR’s unique A² technology creates a controlled plasma in the process gas. In the plasma, ions are accelerated by means of high voltage and directed onto the gold target. Finest gold atom clusters are thereby released from the target and coat your samples in a precise manner, resulting in an extremely uniform, thin, and homogeneous gold layer.

The LUXOR Au is also renowned for its ease of use and quick, hassle-free operation.

SEM Coating LUXOR is the best and the most reliable metal coating for electron microscope applications with smart technology and innovative design. It is a fully automated metal coater meant for high-resolution imaging and microanalysis. Our mission is to make SEM Coating smart and easy for every user.


LUXOR’s unique A2 technology generates a plasma and applies it in a controlled and accurate manner. This results in an extremely uniform, thin, and homogeneous gold and platinum layer on your non-conductive material.

The unique way process is controlled and adjusted is what distinguishes the LUXOR metal coaters from other commercially available instruments. For the SEM operator, this means more homogeneous metal coatings, resulting in high resolution and high contrast images and a worry-free coating process without any manual intervention


The coating process is fully automated. As soon as your samples are loaded into the preparation station, you only have chosen the desired coating thickness and push the start button. This user-friendly process can reduce human errors.


The samples are mounted upside down in LUXOR metal coaters. The concept brings many advantages such as

  • high voltage and high current wires are safely hidden within the sputter device, this obviously greatly reduces the risk of electric shocks
  • the sample loading station is easily accessible and allows to apply or remove the sample without the need for special tongs or tweezers to make everyday use easier but also speeds up productivity
  • the upside design makes sure that loose particles will be removed during the coating process.


  • Superior Gold And Platinum Coating Resolution
  • Optimized User Interface
  • Increased Speed & Efficiency
  • Advanced Sem Protection
  • Easy Access Sample Station
  • Improved Safety Measures
  • Triple Functionality
  • Robust Design


The LUXORAu is typically used for SEM imaging applications up to 100000x magnification where sample charging might be an issue, as the coating strongly reduces sample charging by increasing conduction.

The coater is designed to improve secondary electron emission. As a result, the microscope’s detectors will pick up more hi-res imaging details.

Another advantage is the reduced beam penetration, which significantly improves edge resolution. Furthermore, this prevents sensitive samples from being damaged.

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