AlphaMOS Seminar – New Solution for Sensory Testing

“New Solution for Sensory Testing” That is the theme of the seminar organized by PT. Dynatech International on 13th November, 2018 at Holiday inn Hotel – Kemayoran.

30 participants from Food, Beverage, University, Plastics and Packaging, Seasoning, Flavors Industry was attended the seminar.

Mrs. Eliza Chen as General Manager of AlphaMOS – Asia together with Mr. Fabian LEBEAU as Product Manager of AlpahMOS – France present the products feature and application in Food, Beverage, Seasoning, Flavors, Aroma, Dairy, Soft drinks & Tea, Alcohol & Spirits, Packaging and oil.

Both introduce the latest technology in Sensory testing  for QC, R&D and Process monitoring. The products line from AlphaMOS included HERACLES for aroma / odor / smell Analysis, ASTREE electronic tongue for taste analysis such umami, saltiness and sourness taste and IRIS for Color and shape analysis. Those 3 products lines become powerful analytical solution in Sensory Testing. With AlphaMOS technology, the weakness of traditional sensory panel such as Individual subjectivity, Human Sickness, Challenge of Motivation and limited sampling capabilities could be solved.

AlphaMOS is a French based company in Toulouse that focused in manufacture of high technology equipment for sensory testing / analysis with 25 years of experience.

We would like to thank all of the Seminar participants who come all the way from different places to make this seminar successful.

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