MPA II Multi Purpose FT-NIR Analyzer

The FT-NIR spectrometer MPA II is designed to meet the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s quality control. It combines outstanding flexibility and high performance with an easy-to operate interface.

The FT-NIR spectrometer MPA II is designed to meet the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s quality control. It combines outstanding flexibility and high performance with an easy-to operate interface.

  • Full line of sample presentation options for all NIR applications
  • Software-controlled module selection, no manual exchange required
  • Low cost of ownership thanks to high quality components with long life time
  • Easy calibration transfer to other Bruker lab, at-line or process spectrometers
  • Fully cGMP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, supports validation according to USP <1119> and Ph.Eur 2.2.40

Maximum Flexibility

The MPA II offers everything you need for the analysis of liquids, semi-solids, solids, powders and tablets:

  • Sample compartment
  • Integrating sphere
  • Fiber optic probes
  • Transmission unit

With powerful accessories like the automated 30-position sample wheel for vials and tablets, the sample rotator for the integrating sphere and many different fiber probes, you will achieve high sample throughput with excellent precision.

High Performance FT-NIR

The MPA II incorporates state-of-the-art optics for outstanding sensitivity and stability. The heart of the instrument is Bruker‘s permanently aligned RockSolidTM interferometer with gold-coated optics for maximum efficiency and sensitivity. The permanent alignment provides consistent high quality results, less downtime and outstanding stability; a precondition for reliable results and successful calibration transfer.

Built to Last

Made from robust components, using state-of-the-art solid state laser technology: the MPA II is a future-proof investment. This is why it comes with 10-year warranty on the moving parts of the interferometer as well as on the laser.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

The MPA II spectrometer is designed to be easily maintained by the user, decreasing downtime and maintenance costs. Light source and desiccant cartridge are easily interchangeable and permanent online diagnostics monitor the instrument and advise the user of any problems.

Service and Support

If you need us, we are here to help! Bruker Optics is staffed with a large group of scientists and engineers to respond to your needs:

  • Applications support
  • Comprehensive training courses
  • Worldwide service

Easy Operation

Customizable workspaces as well as easy measurement modes which guide you through the setup of analytical methods are standard in the OPUS spectroscopy software. Measurements can be started with a mouse click or at the touch of a button.


The OPUS measurement software with integrated database support and additional OPUS packages make the MPA II easy to operate:

  • OPUS/NIRLAB: Dedicated QA/QC software combining OPUS/LAB with qualitative and quantitative evaluation routines
  • ONET: Web based application to setup, administrate and control a network of FT-NIR instruments from anywhere in the world
  • OPUS/IDENT: Setup of identification methods with hierarchical libraries
  • OPUS/CONFO: Setup of conformity test methods
  • OPUS/QUANT: Setup of self-optimizing chemometric quantification methods


The application of MPA II:

  • Agriculture
    • Grain & Oil Seeds Analyzer
    • Biofuel Analyzer
    • Tobacco Analyzer
    • Sugar Analyzer (Brix, Pol)
    • Soil Analyzer
  • Food
    • Milk & Dairy Analyzer (Raw Milk, UHT, Cheese, Sour Cream, Ice Cream, Yoghurt, Milk Powders, Butter, Cream, Condensed Milk, Whey, Whey Cream, Whey Butter, Whey Protein Concentrate, and Lactose)
    • Meat & Sausages Analyzer
    • Oils & Fats Analyzer
      • Edible oils (Iodine Value (IV), Anisidine Value (AV), Free Fatty Acid (FFA), Trans Fatty Acid (TFA))
      • Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, (Crued Palm Oil (CPO), Palm Olein, Palm Sterin, etc
    • Beverages Analyzer
    • Confectionary Analyzer
    • Flour & Milling Analyzer (moisture, protein, ash)
    • Cereals Analyzer
    • Condiments Analyzer
  • Feed
    • Feed & Forage Analyzer
    • Feed ingredients Analyzer
    • Pet Food Analyzer
    • Fish feed Analyzer


Trust your results with Bruker Optics’ OPUS/VALIDATION package and the OPUS spectroscopy software:

  • Full 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Full GMP compliance
  • IQ/OQ/PQ support

Bruker is a NASDAQ listed company and has most of their manufacturing facility around the globe, mainly in Germany. Bruker is a manufacturer of scientific instruments for materials research, as well as for industrial and applied testing field. Their range of product is ranging from X-rays like XRD, XRF, SAXS, Single Crystal XRD, X-ray micro CT. Another range would be the IR Spectrometer and NIR spectrometer who serve broad range of field from Polymer and Plastic, Pharmaceutical, Automotive and Electronics, Food and Feed, Milk and Dairy, Chemical and Petrochemical, Edible Oil and many others. PT. Dynatech International is the distributor of Bruker in Indonesia.