The Foundry Master Pro II Optical Emission Spectrometer

Superior metals analysis without compromise

Seamless quality control is essential throughout the metals industry, from trace element analysis in scrap metal, to incoming materials inspection, melt process control and goods issue.

The FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2 optical emission spectrometer is a metals analyser engineered to deliver superior analysis at every stage, without compromising your productivity. Thanks to its near constant availability and high resolution dynamic detector you can get detailed results quicker, minimising production downtime and costly errors.

A cost effective choice, the FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2 minimises argon consumption and keeps down operating costs.

This unique combination of performance and efficiency makes FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2 the analysis instrument of choice for the metals industry.

Highlights and applications

The intuitive user interface and numerous features of the FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2 make analysis work easy. Just place the sample on the spark stand, start the measurement and read the result. The extremely low detection limits for various applications, particularly carbon and nitrogen analysis in iron and steel, offer superior results in QA/QC and melt process control.

  • Maximum availability, minimum downtime.
  • Excellent long-term stability, precision and accuracy.
  • Increased productivity with higher sample throughput.
  • Low cost of ownership with optimised power and argon consumption.
  • Includes largest metals database on the market for fast and easy grade identification.
  • Method for determination of soluble and insoluble aluminium available.

A unique spark stand, accessible from three sides, makes the FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2 ideal for samples with complex and irregular shapes and sizes.

Our Service

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The largest metals database on the market for fast and easy grade identification is already installed on the FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2.

The Hitachi GRADE Database offers more than 12 million records for over 339,000 materials from 69 countries and standards. You can update your instrument’s grade database with a few clicks – no time consuming research in norms and grade catalogues.

This product is formerly an Oxford Instruments Brand. Oxford Instruments plc, a leading provider of high technology solutions, information and services for industry and research, announced on 26 April 2017 that it has agreed to sell its Industrial Analysis business to Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation (‘HHT’) for a consideration of £80 million on a cash and debt free basis. HHT will acquire the companies, assets and liabilities that comprise the Industrial Analysis business.

The Industrial Analysis business is a leading global provider of handheld and bench-top instruments using X-ray Fluorescence (XRF), Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) and Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) technologies for analysing materials in a broad range of industrial applications. Headquartered in Oxford, UK, the Industrial Analysis business has research and development and assembly operations in Finland and Germany and sales and support operations in a number of countries around the world. PT. Dynatech International was formerly the distributor of Oxford Instruments in Indonesia and now is the distributor of Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation in Indonesia.