Phenom ParticleX Battery Desktop SEM

Product Description

Phenom Desktop SEM design for Battrey Materials Analysis

In battery production and research, the quality of materials is becoming critical. Small contaminants in the NCM powder, for example, can have disastrous results in the final product. To trace these contaminants effectively, high-resolution SEM imaging with EDS analysis for chemistry is needed. When fully automated, this combination is a powerful tool for powder quality inspection.

Key Features :

– Conductance classifications
Each particle class can be labeled with a conductance of the particles, allowing you to sort on conductance of particles. This allows you to assess the impact of contamination much more accurately since a small organic contamination is not as severe as a metallic conductive contamination.
– Ternary diagram
To view overall chemistry of the particle population, a ternary diagram can be generated where all particles are represented. With Ni, Co, and Mn on each axis, the outyears and general trends can be seen instantly.

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