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FMS-200 SMC MechatronicsThe modular features of this flexible automation cell enable the introduction of variations in its stations so that they adapt to the different requirements of companies and training centers. From a simple configuration of one station only (working fully autonomously) to a complex configuration with eight or ten stations, the possibilities are endless.
In addition, it facilitates a staggering investment, i.e. starting with an initial simple configuration that can be easily enhanced by adding workstations.
All the components in the SMC Mechatronics FMS-200 are used in industry so that the user can work with real elements at all times making the learning process more meaningful.
The system includes a whole series of feeding, handling, verification, and loading operations, etc. carried out using components from different technologies (pneumatics, hydraulics, sensors, robotics, communications, control, and HMI.).FMS-200 includes the breakdown simulation system which generates up to 16 different breakdowns to be diagnosed by the user.
The different process stations assemble a turning mechanism. To provide the system with greater flexibility, stations adapt to a wide variety of assemblies, introducing variations in the materials, colors, and part sizes. The combination of all these possibilities means that a total of 24 different assemblies can be obtained enabling the use of production management strategies.
The control panel is completely modular and can be rapidly disassembled so the user can design and integrate a new control.



FAS-200 is a flexible and compact assembly system that includes industrial automation technologies.
FAS-200 comprises up to 18 independent stations with integrated control. This modular equipment features a higher number of stations in the same space, which means that more users will be able to work at the same time.
In addition, it enables making a staggering investment, i.e. starting with an initial basic configuration which can be easily enhanced by adding workstations.
FAS-200 offers professional skills training to suit the world of the industry using standardized industrial components.
The different process stations assemble a turning mechanism. To provide the system with greater flexibility, the stations adapt to a wide variety of assemblies, introducing variations in the materials, colors, and part sizes. The combination of all these options means that a total of 24 different assemblies can be produced enabling the use of production management strategies.



MAS-200 is a modular training system that emulates a real industrial assembly process, incorporating the technologies required by today’s automated industry. The complete system consists of five stations. The various parts of the final assembled product (base, bearing, shaft, and lid) are fed into four of the stations. The fifth station is located between the others and is responsible for transferring and assembling the parts.
The modular features of the equipment allow a vast range of options since the stations are completely autonomous but can be assembled to form a complete manufacturing cell. The design of the MAS-200 allows simple and quick extraction of the stations, assisting individual work with each of them. All the components of which the MAS-200 is comprised are used in the industry, allowing the user to gain detailed knowledge of the technologies currently used in the automated industry.


SMC Mechatronics MAP-200ConSello_EN_MAP-200

The MAP-200 series consists of seven independent and different training systems.



SMC Mechatronics
SMC Mechatronics

AUTOMATE-200 is SMC International Training’s response to the increasing demand for the introduction of a technological culture in training centers.
Using a recycling plant for solid urban waste as a reference, a fully modular design system has been developed for a training environment. The integration of the technologies in automated processes brings familiarization to the user of this fascinating world.
With this system, the student uses an integrated and motivating context to become familiar with technologies such as pneumatics, sensors, electric motors, PLCs, etc., in an enjoyable and intuitive way. Using completely industrial components we develop skills in analysis, troubleshooting, designing, creating technical documentation, setting up/commissioning, understanding technical documentation, operation, and programming.
AUTOMATE-200 includes up to ten functional blocks that can produce an infinite number of configurations, emulating different processes and making it possible to perform an endless number of activities with different levels of difficulty.
The raw material used in the process includes parts with different colors (light/ dark), materials (plastic/ metal), and shapes (with or without holes). During the last phase of the process, the parts are sorted and stored in containers.


SMC Mechatronics LOG-200 is focused on studying RFID technology in a logistics application, using only industrial components. It also includes a Web server that can access the system over the Internet.

LOG-200 uses the following RFID devices:
• RFID read/write module – it enables reading and writing information in each of the tags.
• RFID Controller – It brings together and manages up to 3 RFID stations.
• “Tags” – They store the relevant information to maintain the traceability of objects.

LOG-200 displays the information contained in each “tag” through the RFID controller and the PLC sends the right information to each actuator to place each container in its correct location. In addition, information for each object can be accessed over the Internet by means of a Web server that communicates with the PLC.




The ITS-200 system provides professional training in industrial automation, more specifically in the field of state-of-the-art servo drive and sensor systems.
The product is taken from storage, transported from one station to another, and returned to the store indefinitely. The system can therefore operate continuously without needing to add more raw material. This allows it to be controlled from a distance for remote management and remote maintenance work.
All of the components used in the system are industrial. Each station includes its own PLC. The stations can be easily extracted from the system so that work can be carried out autonomously. Quick-release connections are included in the electrical cables and pneumatic pipes.




SMC Mechatronics ATM-200 is a set of 3 separate stations, fully assembled, and built entirely of industrial components.
The set includes a 3D application of each station to simulate and control them from the autoSIM-200 environment.
The 3 stations (stacking magazine station, pneumatic handling station, and conveyor station) are supplied fully assembled in an anodized aluminum structure of 200x300mm dimensions.
Each station’s inputs and outputs are connected to an interface for their control using simulation software on a PC (PC not included).



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