General Purpose CMM - Entry Level

Product Description

Designed for Practicality and Cost Efficiency. For manufacturers looking for General Purpose coordinate measuring machine (CMM) or increase capacity in their current quality process it is crucial that CMM performance is matched by affordability. Entry-level CMMs deliver dependable accuracy and reliability in a single machine that fulfils all basic inspection requirements.


A General Purpose CMM that Meets the Needs of Industrial Measurement

The Explorer series is a cost-effective coordinate measuring machine (CMM) divided into two models: Explorer Classic and Explorer Performance. The Explorer Classic supports universal touch-trigger measurement, meeting the requirements of various parts. For more demanding applications, the Explorer Performance can support continuous scanning function with higher accuracy and better performance. The frame embeds some of the technical characteristics of higher-end products in the Hexagon bridge CMM range, ensuring optimal performance in terms of accuracy, reliability and dynamics. The CMM range features a low cost of ownership and is an affordable measurement solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Various configurations and sizes to support the needs of many applications
  • Exclusive triangular cross-section bridge beam design provides optimal stiffness-to-mass ratio for good precision and long-term stability
  • Dovetail guideways with closed structure provide stable movement
  • Heidenhain scales with one end fixed and the other free to expand ensure linear changes with temperature for easy compensation
  • Patented pneumatic counterbalance design provides highly reliable performance
  • Remote-mounted drive motors dissipate heat away from the machine frame to minimise thermal influences on measurement results
  • Small footprint, making it easy to fit in tight spaces

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The story of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence stretches back over 200 years and incorporates some of the biggest names in measurement and industrial metrology. This rich tapestry of experience, expertise and innovation forms a solid foundation for the development of new measurement technologies, integrated manufacturing solutions and process standards of the future.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s parent company Hexagon AB is continuously evaluating opportunities to strengthen the product portfolio, global footprint and service capabilities of the business through a combination of acquisition, collaborations with other Hexagon businesses and research and development driven innovation.

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