Dynatech International is a distribution company specializes in industrial, testing, measurement, metrology and scientific instruments in Indonesia. We supply a comprehensive range of testing and measurement instruments to satisfy the needs of quality testing in the Metallurgy, Metrology and Microscopy Field..

New handheld XRF Analyzer X-MET7000 eXpressX-MET7000 eXpress

The new X-MET7000 eXpress handheld and portable XRF analyzer is the fastest to ‘power up’ and now offers 4 times faster analysis. XMET7000 from Oxford Instruments continue to be a powerful portable analyzer for PMI (positive material identification) application, Scrap Sorter, Mining Analyzer, RoHS Analyzer, etc. More..


O-INSPECT Video measuring system From Carl Zeiss comes standard with integrated optical and contact sensors. The convenient CALYPSO 3D CAD software merges the measurement data, thus ensuring that users trust in the reliability of their measuring results. More..



SE 600 Surface Roughness

Kosaka Laboratory has become one of the leaders in the metrology field since its incorporation in 1950. The latest SE 600 from Kosaka Laboratory is multipurpose and a various functions surface roughness measuring instruments. More…

anehLC 200 R Series

The latest LC-200R Series is a Fully Automatic Load Cell system Rockwell Hardness Tester, a masterpiece from Future-Tech Corp, Japan. It has a Versatile Function, Peerless Advanced Technology, Mainstream of Rockwell Method in the new Century. More..



Next generation 3D Video Digital Microscope has come to your doorstep.  Hirox introduces new KH-8700 which is Fast, Easy and High Quality with ultra-fine detail. KH-8700 will assist many different types of application from material, metallurgy, electronics, medical, biology, forensic, etc. More..