Metrios 6 (S)TEM

Product Description

The Thermo Scientific Metrios 6 (S)TEM is a new-generation, fully automated metrology solution with enhanced productivity and data quality for high-volume TEM metrology. Featuring newly designed hardware and machine-learning-based capabilities, the Metrios 6 (S)TEM offers a 20% productivity improvement on average compared to previous-generation solutions.

The Metrios 6 (S)TEM includes the new Smart Stage, the Ultra-X EDS detector, the high-brightness X-CFEG source option, and Smart Automation software. This combination provides improved productivity with data integrity, fast elemental analysis, and recipe-free automation for scalable lab operations and resource optimization.

Key Features :

– Fully automated, high-productivity semiconductor metrology workflows
– Increased productivity and data integrity
– Fast elemental analysis
– Recipe-free automation for (S)TEM metrology
– Yield Ramp and Metrology
– Physical and Chemical Characterization
– Memory Device Metrology and Analysis

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