Orbit® Digital Readouts

Product Description

Solartron has a range of digital readouts to suit all applications from industrial panel mount to desktop units. Readouts can have from 1 to 31 channels of measurement and can be configured for custom applications.

All of Solartron readouts work with all of Solartron Digital Transducers and Non-Contact Sensors, the performance of these sensors is not degraded in any way when used with the readouts.

SI100, SI200, and SI400



The SI100 is a single channel, standalone system, while the SI200 also connects to an Orbit® probe for two-channel measurements and the SI400 connects to up to 3 probes.


  • Integral Readout with color LCD Screen and keypad
  • Set tolerance and process limits via keypad
  • Detachable probe plug on housing for easy installation
  • Replace probe with no calibration or reprogramming
  • Modbus output (RTU) over RS485 or RS232
  • Programmable discrete I/O (4 inputs, 3 outputs)
  • Multiple formulas available for SI200 (A+B, A-B, etc)
  • Available with all Solartron transducers and lasers
  • 24 VDC Power Supply

SI3500 and SI5500 Readouts

SI3500 and SI5500 Readouts

SI5500 can connect to up to 31 Orbit® modules

Specially designed to work with Solartron Orbit® Digital Transducers, the SI3500 and SI5500 provide the user with solutions for small systems. Both readouts have intuitive menu systems for ease of setting up and can be programmed to display readings, alarms, limits, and other metrology functions. With discrete I/O and serial interfaces these readouts provide a neat solution to interface to other systems like PLCs.


  • Intuitive menu
  • Accepts up to 31 Orbit® Sensors (SI5500)
  • A suite of Mathematical Functions for each channel
  • Auto color change for in/out limit range
  • User-selectable bar panel or text display
  • Auto course / fine resolution
  • Gauging Mode
  • Peak hold facility
  • Data logging facility
  • RS232 Connectivity
  • 01μm display resolution
  • Available for Digital probes, Linear Encoders, Encoder
  • Input modules and laser sensors
  • Discrete I/O

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