Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine

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The Absolute Arm

(Multi)functional, by design

With the Absolute Arm, it’s all in the design. Design for high measurement productivity, so other manufacturing processes can stay on schedule. Design for practicality, so users can measure in almost any industrial environment. Design for flexibility, to meet the demands of any metrology challenge, anywhere.

And flexibility is at the core of the Absolute Arm product range. Flexibility in configuring the arm’s wrist for the needs of the application and the comfort of the operator. Flexibility in swapping probes or scanners without having to stop work and calibrate. Flexibility in having measurement results displayed where they’re needed. Flexibility in a product range of 36 different configurations across three types, seven sizes, and three accuracy levels. Flexibility in finding the right solution for every measurement need.

With the Absolute Arm, there’s no need to compromise, no need to settle for second best. Whatever, wherever and however we want to measure, the right choice is right there, by design.

Absolute Arm: Versatility

The flexibility to measure anything, anywhere

The Absolute Arm is nothing if not versatile. For touch probe measurement there are almost 100 probe tip accessories available, including straight probes, angled probes, trigger probes and infrared tube probes, all in various lengths and measurement tip diameters.

For 3D laser scanning, there’s the unbeatable RS6 Laser Scanner, quickly and easily mountable on the Absolute Arm wrist for straight-forward high-speed surface and feature digitisation. Powered by our advanced SHINE algorithms, the RS6 can deliver fast and accurate measurements on a wide variety of surface types without required the user to learn complex settings combinations – just quick and simple versatile measurement functionality.

This sits alongside the ground-breaking RS-SQUARED Area Scanner, the first white light scanner to work with a portable measuring arm for positioning. Offering ultra-fast digitisation of simple surfaces, the RS-SQUARED is the perfect complement to the high-accuracy laser scanning of the RS6.

Then there’s the RS5 Laser Scanner, our general-purpose 3D laser scanner aimed at those with less challenging applications for whom the cutting-edge technology of the RS6 is surplus to requirements. Also available is the HP-L-8.9 Laser Scanner, an entry-level solution for 6-Axis arms that makes for the perfect introduction to contactless measurement functionality.

Other Absolute Arm options include a variety of Control Packs that deliver useful features such as cable-free WiFi operation, full battery-powered measurement, making the Absolute Arm even more portable.
When it comes to having a wide range of measurement options for small-to-medium sized applications without compromising on portability, there is simply no other choice than the Absolute Arm – and that’s by design.

Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine

Absolute Arm 7-Axis

The all-in-one solution for portable 3D measurement

Absolute Arm 7-Axis

The flagship of the Absolute Arm range, the Absolute Arm 7-Axis delivers tactile probing and laser scanning in a uniquely ergonomic package. It’s the clear choice for high-end portable measurement applications. With usability central to its design, this is an articulating measuring arm that can’t be beaten when it comes to ease of movement and ease of measurement.

Built-in versatility comes in the form of a uniquely modular wrist design, including an on-wrist display that puts control and results in the hands of the user. Choose between configurable grip shapes and sizes as well as a wide range of accessories, from probe tips and 3D optical scanners to complete measurement systems designed for specialised applications.

The flagship RS6 Laser Scanner is the key to high-end 3D scanning and digitisation, while our RS5 Laser Scanner offers established and reliable general-purpose scanning functionality. The ground-breaking RS-SQUARED Area Scanner offers a high-productivity alternative based on structured light scanning technology. Each can be quickly and easily mounted on the Absolute Arm 7-Axis by the user with no need for recalibration.

All this adds up to a far more productive and versatile arm that delivers high-accuracy measurement results more quickly and more easily than ever before.

Absolute Arm 6-Axis

The portable measuring arm optimised for probing

Absolute Arm 6-Axis

A specialized touch measurement tool that also boasts the option for entry-level 3D scanning – the Absolute Arm 6-Axis is one of a kind. Based on patented technology with Absolute Encoders located at every articulation point and designed with ease-of-movement and usage as a focus, this is a portable measuring arm like no other.

WiFi and battery options ensure absolute portability while almost 100 probe tip accessories make finding the right tool for any specific touch probe or infrared tube probe application simple. An established repeatable kinematic probe mounting allows for hot-swapping of probe tips with no recalibration, and there’s no need to worry about warm-up or referencing on set-up or repositioning – these are advanced technology solutions that deliver increased productivity and make portable measurement easier than ever.

Absolute Arm Compact

The world’s most accurate portable measuring arm

Absolute Arm Compact

The Absolute Arm Compact is the ultimate solution for ultra-high-accuracy touch probe measurement of small-to-medium sized parts. Fitting easily on a workshop table or under a CNC machine, the Absolute Arm Compact is the height of portability and usability. It boasts the same definitive features as the flagship Absolute Arm, from Absolute Encoders in every articulation joint that eliminate warm-up and referencing to WiFi and battery operation options that allow easy repositioning and no messy cables across the workshop floor.

Built on an integrated base and innovative counterweight balance system, the Absolute Arm Compact is ready to go right out of the box – no warm-up, no waiting, no need to fix it to a work surface – just place it where you need it and start measuring. For quality control that demands fast and extremely accurate measurement, there is simply no better portable measuring arm on the market.

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