Bruker’s Benchtop NMR

Easy To Install

The Fourier, an 80 MHz high-performance nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) benchtop spectrometer designed for the routine laboratory. With a cryogen-free magnet design, the Fourier makes NMR accessible in the lab where users and operators work. It can be installed in the fume hood or on the bench without the need for new infrastructure, providing easy maintenance and minimal cost of ownership. The performance of the benchtop, combined with the intuitive software, means any lab can now incorporate the definitive analytical answers only NMR can provide.

Easy to Use

The Fourier features GoScan™, a newly developed modern interface that guides users through pre-defined, dedicated workflows. Novice NMR users can use pre-defined data acquisition choices in the GoScan software, or customize them, while experienced users can use Bruker’s industry-standard TopSpin™ software for more detailed acquisition parameters.

Easy To Do More

The Fourier has been designed for highest data quality and stability at 80 MHz, with excellent lineshape, resolution and sensitivity in 80 MHz homonuclear 1H or heteronuclear 1H/13C FT-NMR experiments. It runs Bruker’s TopSpin™ software, giving users access to the extensive TopSpin library of 1D and 2D homonuclear and proton-carbon heteronuclear experiments and pulse programs.

The Fourier is available with workflows and protocols to address four specific markets;

Academic and research: With the hands-on Fourier in university labs, researchers will no longer be frustrated by access bottlenecks and barriers and can advance their work at the touch of a button.

Education: The Fourier EduLab requires no new infrastructure and has low maintenance costs, which means more students can access it directly in the lab for training. And it needs no special preparation for holidays or extended breaks–simply shut it down.

Forensics: NMR provides data with a high degree of accuracy in the shortest amount of time. And now, the Fourier CrimeLab makes NMR an accessible, everyday tool for forensics.

Synthesis control: In academic, industrial, and pharmaceutical labs, chemists need to confirm the success of synthesis steps in order to produce high-quality final products. Fourier ChemLab provides unsurpassed structural information about intermediate compounds and educts or side products which might influence the next synthesis step.