Checking a Groove Inside a Bore

The Challenge

Manufacturing a piston or an engine component often involves awkward geometric features, such as inner groves inside a bore or cavity.

Because they are part of a high tolerance system, the inner groove must still be gauged with a precise instrument. But noncontact sensors or pencil probes are impractical and space is limited.

The Solution

Checking a Groove Inside a Bore Solartron Metrology

Solartron specialty sensors such as Block Gauges provide the ability to check awkward dimensions accurately and repeatably, and with a lower cost than non-contact offerings.

Block Gauges have the probe mounted on the side of the base and is connected to a sliding top piece with robust, precision linear bearings. A top tool, tip holder, and tip can then be used to measure up inside a bore. With the optional pneumatic cylinder, the tip can then shuffle into a groove, and a measurement is taken.

  • 2, 5, and 10mm ranges
  • Up to 0.05% of reading accuracy, 0.25-micron repeatability
  • Tip Holders with 20mm to 60mm length
  • Right Angle Tip Adapter available

Network Block Gauges and other Solartron Digital Sensors using the Orbit® 3 Network

Orbit® 3 – The Total Measurement System from Solartron Metrology

The Solartron Orbit® 3 Digital Measurement System, in conjunction with Solartron’s wide range of transducers, including both contact (gauging probes) and non-contact linear measuring transducers, specialist transducers, and third party interfaces, provides a limitless set of measuring system solutions, with numerous different interfaces to computers and PLC’s, making Orbit® 3 completely flexible.

Orbit 3 – The Total Measurement System from Solartron Metrology

Block Gauge Components

Block Gauge Components