The Fourier Benchtop NMR Spectrometer

As easy to use and interpret as other analytical techniques
Building on decades of experience creating top-quality NMR instruments, Bruker has reimagined high-performance NMR spectroscopy in a compact, cost-efficient form: the Fourier Benchtop NMR spectrometer.

With straightforward operation and software, the Fourier delivers high quality data rivaling other analytical techniques. It lets scientists who are not experts in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy get the definitive answers NMR provides.
Best of all, the Fourier can be installed in the fume hood or on the bench without requiring any additional infrastructure.
With the power of Bruker NMR on the bench, any scientist or technician can gain NMR expertise.

NMR’s relevant chemical answers have never been so accessible.

The Fourier‘s modern, intuitive GoScan software acquires high-quality sample data at the touch of a button. TopSpin™. Bruker‘s well-known expert software, can also be used on the Fourier.

To help scientists take advantage of NMR‘s unique, unambiguous answers, Bruker is continually developing workflows for specific analytical questions in a diversity of application areas.

  • Academic/Basic Research (Advance discovery)
  • Education (Hands-on training)
  • Synthesis Control (Structure verification)
  • Forensics (Suspicious substance)

Users can also easily create their own workflows and protocols to take advantage of NMR’s power to deliver clear, high quality results in their own specialties.

Easy to own and maintain

  • Cryogen-free permanent magnet
  • No new infrastructure required
  • Compact footprint
  • Installs on bench or in fume hood
  • Minimal cost of ownership

Academic/basic research

Tackle the challenges. Remove the barriers. Advance discovery

Research chemists rely on NMR spectra to confirm synthesis steps, characterize molecular structures and dynamics, compile data for publication, and above all, push the boundaries of science with new techniques and discoveries. The Fourier now gives them direct access to the information they need. For basic research, the Fourier offers unprecedented flexibility. It can be operated with the same TopSpin™ software that runs. Bruker’s high-field NMR instruments, so scientists have the freedom to adjust their workflows and techniques from the benchtop to the dedicated NMR lab, and back. For direct access, scientists can also use the Fourier‘s streamlined GoScan software, which guides the user through pre-defined or customized data acquisition in just a few minutes. With the hands-on Fourier in university labs, researchers will no longer be frustrated by access bottlenecks and barriers and can advance their work at the touch
of a button.

Academic/basic research benefits

  • Work hands on with NMR in a familiar environment
  • Directly obtain the exact data needed from samples
  • Verify synthesized substances
  • Create and modify workflows, pulse sequences, parameter sets, AU programs
  • Use Bruker high-field systems workflows on the bench top


Fourier EduLab: Give students hands-on experience with the power of NMR

Science students should learn a wide range of analytical techniques, but the infrastructure and maintenance needs of high-field NMR can limit access. So Bruker has created a special edition of the instrument for colleges and universities called Fourier EduLab. Students of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Science, Biology, and other subjects can now gain hands-on experience with NMR. The Fourier EduLab requires no new infrastructure and has low maintenance costs, which means more students can access it directly in the lab for training. And it needs no special preparation for holidays or extended breaks–simply shut it down. Beyond the system’s user-friendly GoScan software, students will gain a thorough understanding of NMR with free access to TopSpin™ , the same software that
operates Bruker’s high-field NMR systems. Bruker supports the learning experience with a teaching package that includes suggested experiments and spectra interpretation guidance. Fourier EduLab can easily be combined with industry-standard software for structure verification and elucidation, so students can learn how to analyze NMR spectra. Fourier EduLab can even be offered to students alongside Bruker‘s microESR (electron spin resonance) Education Package, for a more comprehensive learning experience.

Education Application

Teach everyday NMR examples, such as analyzing saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in edible oils.
Other examples:

  • Verify synthesized products
  • Observe enzymatic reactions
  • Determine pH
  • Study enantiomers
  • Analyze soft drinks

Chemical Synthesis Control

Fourier ChemLab Convenient straightforward access to NMR structure verification

In academic, industrial, and pharmaceutical labs, chemists need to confirm the success of synthesis steps in order to produce high-quality final products. NMR provides unsurpassed structural information about intermediate compounds and educts or side products which might influence the next synthesis step. Using either TopSpin™ or GoScan software, chemists can get a quick structural answer with just one look at the spectrum. Dedicated software tools for automated verification are also available to provide further confidence in the synthesis process. With the Fourier ChemLab, a compact NMR system now fits directly on the bench or under the fume hood to give immediate access to the power of NMR.

Synthesis control benefits

  • Verify synthesized products
  • Perform synthesis control directly on the bench
  • Simply touch a button for software data acquisition
  • Automated data interpretation
  • The confidence of immediate verification


Fourier CrimeLab: Get unequivocal forensic evidence about unknown substances

Forensic scientists need to have clear, unambiguous data about suspicious substances that conclusive for legal proceedings. NMR provides data with a high degree of accuracy in the shortest amount of time. And now, the Fourier CrimeLab makes NMR an accessible, everyday tool for forensics. As criminals try to disguise illegal substances to avoid standard tests (e.g. new psychoactive substances/ designer drugs), Fourier CrimeLab identifies and quantifies the structural information that determines their true nature. And the included software organizes spectra data on seized substances into a searchable database that can be shared across jurisdictions for future identification.

Forensic Application

  • Analyze small organic molecules and metabolites up to mid-sized peptides and natural products
  • Mixture analysis of synthetic or biological substances in solutions or composites
  • Identification: signals can be easily assigned to a known structure
  • Quantification: integration of all signals obtained in a dedicated spectral region
  • No standard reference substance required
  • Database connectivity