Helios 5 Hydra DualBeam

Product Description

The Thermo Scientific Helios 5 Hydra DualBeam (plasma focused ion beam scanning electron microscope, PFIB-SEM) is a versatile multi-application tool that has four different ion species (argon, nitrogen, oxygen, and xenon), allowing you to choose the ions that provide the best results for samples including metals,batteries, fiber composites, and biological tissues. Great results start with sample preparation whether you are performing scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) sample preparation, 3D materials characterization, volume electron microscopy or cellular cryo-tomography.

You can switch easily between argon, nitrogen, oxygen, and xenon in under ten minutes without sacrificing performance. This unprecedented flexibility significantly expands the potential application space of PFIB and enables research of ion-sample interactions to optimize existing use cases.

The Helios 5 Hydra DualBeam combines the new, innovative multi-ion-species plasma FIB (PFIB) column with the monochromated Thermo Scientific Elstar UC+ SEM Column to provide advanced focused ion- and electron-beam performance. Intuitive software and an unprecedented level of automation and ease-of-use allow observation and analysis of relevant subsurface volumes.

Key Features :

– Multiple ion options for optimized PFIB results
– Fast milling for large volume multi-modal 3D tomography
– 3D imaging at cryogenic temperatures
– Lamellae preparation with AutoTEM Software
– Serial section electron microscopy with Auto Slice & View Software
– PFIB spin mill for large planar milling and imaging
– Fluorescence light microscope correlative system (iFLM)

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