Calorimeters C6000

Product Description

Liquids or solids, a low or high sample throughput, for standards compliance or for checking purposes – IKA has the right high-quality calorimeter for determining calorific values, for any requirement and any laboratory environment. Fast, reliable analyses, accuracy, and stability over a long service life – this is what makes IKA’s C6000 calorimeters intriguing and dependable companions in everyday laboratory work.

Innovative Calorimeter C6000 Portfolio

They have differing levels of automation; they are ideal for small or large laboratories, for numerous industries, and educational purposes. But they all measure accurately, correctly and deliver precise results: our calorimeters, available in various application packages and with a range of accessories of proven quality. This is how IKA supplies the right calorific value determination equipment for your needs.

An evolution in calorimetry

The champion of modern calorimetry has been developed even further. The new C6000 has an intuitive touch screen with unique user guidance. The high level of automation simplifies everyday work and enables high sample throughput. The strictest adherence to standards gives rise to the most accurate repeatable results in the world and guarantees the desired assurance.

Especially suitable for: sectors in which adherence to standards is a prerequisite and a large number of samples need to be measured.

The C 6000 is available in global standards or isoperibolic versions. Thanks to the innovative technology of the C6000 global standards, conventional adiabatic as well as isoperibolic measurement methods can be used. This makes it the only device with such a high level of automation in the market. Both variants also have a fast dynamic mode.


  • Maximum energy input 40,000 J / 9,560 cal
  • Resolution of the temperature sensor 0.0001 K
  • Display TFT with touch screen
  • Oxygen operating pressure max. 40 bar
  • Reproducibility (1g benzoic acid NBS39i)
    • Isoperibol 0.05% RSD
    • Dynamic 0.15% RSD
    • Adiabatic 0.05% RSD
  • Measuring modes:
    • Isoperibol 22 / 25 / 30 °C
    • Dynamic 22 / 25 / 30 °C
    • Adiabatic 22 / 25 / 30 °C
  • Number of possible decomposition vessels per device up to 4
  • Easily-accessible USB interface for simple, enhanced data management
  • Ethernet interface for data management via an FTP server
  • Spherically-shaped decomposition vessel for improved heat transfer and shorter measurement times
  • RFID technology for decomposition vessel detection


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