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FlexiScope Explorer MP600

flexiscope-explorer-mp600Solutions in sight Reliable inspection improves quality and productivity thereby ensuring further corporate growth.

With the new SCHÖLLY Inspection System FlexiScope Explorer MP600 you can perform inspections easily and safely.This modular and mobile system, with its robust and shockproof design, opens entirely new inspection possibilities.Your inspection environment decides whether you need the flexibility of a videoscope or the sturdy and versatile FlexiScope probes.

The large and fully adjustable TFT monitor delivers cristal clear, true color images. Inspection results can be documented in video or still image format on a SD card, which is then easily transferable. The FlexiScope Explorer MP600 makes reliable inspection in high quality possible.This increases your productivity and ensures further corporate growth.

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Videoscopy with the MP600

videoscopy-with-the-mp600• Ingenious 1-cable connection between the Videoscope and the MP600 provides a secure and ergonomic inspecton method.

• Videoscope with a tip that can be steered in 4 directions. Various probe lengths, up to 7 meters, are available for even the most challenging jobs. Thanks to the MP600 you get an enormous amount of illumination power.

• As an accessory, a small TFT monitor can be clipped onto the Videoscope. The user always has a perfect view even during difficult conditions.

MP600 with the FlexiScope Line


• In combination with the successful FlexiScope line, which unites the light and image fibers into one handpiece, you have endless mobility.

• The special connection system allows you to change probes within seconds.

• The right solution for every application. The FlexiScope line includes a vast array of various types and designs of rigid and flexible endoscopes.


Explorer MP600 – Features and Benefits

• The large and adjustable TFT monitor displays cristal clear inspection images.

• Specially designed for use in a rough industrial environment, the sturdy metal chassis is powdercoated and is surrounded by a tough rubber frame.

• The intuitive controls make operating the system very simple to understand.

• Still images and video sequences are saved to a SD card. Ideal for inspection documentation.

• The fully integrated 50 Watt metal halide light source has manual and stepless adjustment. This light source has a long service life and provides excellent illumination in all conditions.

• MP600 stands for Modular and Portable and it is the worthy successor to the internationally successful MP500 inspection system.

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