Video Digital Microscope




KH-8700 is a next generation Video Digital Microscope produce by Hirox. One of the key advantage in the line of Hirox digital microscopy is the ability to easily and quickly autofocus an image. The new KH-8700 is equipped with the new high-speed Genex Graphics Processor allows Hirox’s CCD camera to capture 24 fps with the continuous high-quality resolution of 1200×1600 pixels as well as Full High Definition LCD Monitor. The new high intensity LED light source provides 5700K temperature, which closely portrays day light color temperature (5460K) to re-produce true sample color image as well as full illumination immediately with no warm up time.




Hirox main system is fully equipped with 160 GB hard drive, gigabit Ethernet and 6 USB 2.0 ports. Moreover, it has a DVD/CD RW integrated in the main system besides all the light adjustment like brightness, contrast, frame rate, etc. Printing is as easy as connecting the main system to a pictBridge compatible printer with a USB cable.

Since the invention of the world’s first video microscope by Hirox, 20 years ago, we have been constantly developing exclusive innovations and as a pioneer, Hirox’s mission is to shape a new future for magnified observation and imaging by delivering the ability to see what could not be seen and providing and environment where anyone can easily and accurately identify the otherwise undetectable.



The KH-1300 digital microscope is revolutionary in that it achieves both the highest transfer speeds in its class and high-quality images at the same time. An original CCD camera was developed exclusively to create the highest quality images. As a result, high-resolution images can be transferred quickly allowing video to be observed on PC screens. High quality imaging with cost effectiveness in mind.

Hirox Optics

As a lens maker, Hirox has developed extensive range of different optical lens from macro lens that has magnification of 1 to 60 times, continuous optical zoom lens which extended up to 7000 x magnification (the highest in the market right now).The patented rotary head adaptor allows observation of the conditions of the sides of the object without missing a spot. All these can be done without adjusting the focus and without rotating the lens itself. Another revolutionary development from hirox is ACS function (automated calibration system) that store calibration values for measurement. Thus, everytime operator change the magnification the calibration values will be selected automatically which prevent human error of selecting wrong measurement calibration.



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