Universal Testing Machine




TENSILON RTF model from A&D is a new Universal Testing Machine which was developed under superior knowledge of force sensor and measurement control technology that enables connection between sensors and machines. The TENSILON RTF series is the world’s best class 0.5 testing machine. Having improved the overall design and structure of the machine, load frame stiffness has been greatly improved. The TENSILON RTF is also equipped with 1/500 rate output load cell accuracy, high sampling speed of 1 msec, 13 input signal channels, color touch panel and many other superior features. TENSILON RTF has a capacity ranging from below 1kN (100 kgf ) up to 300 kN (30 tf ).

It has a load measurement accuracy of ± 0.5 % and stroke (crosshead speed) accuracy of ± 0.1 %.TENSILON RTF is very versatile and widely use in many different industry from metal, automotive, research, plastic, rubber, composite, textile, adhesive, petrochemical and many others. With the latest MSAT Software from A&D the Tensilon RTF is capable on doing all kind of test like tensile test, compression test, 3-point or 4-point bending test, cycle test, program control test, stress relaxation test and creep test which makes this system very versatile in any industries.



TENSILON RTG model is a highly accurate class 1 testing machine which is built to industry standard specifications. TESILON RTG is our newest universal testing machine providing cost effective measurement with a higher level of accuracy.

It also equipped with 1/500 rate output load cell accuracy, high sampling speed of 1 msec and options of color touch panel, various different environments chamber 13 channel input signal and many others important features. The TENSILON RTG is a table model universal testing machine which has a capacity below 10 kN (1 tf ) which is mainly used in plastic, rubber, adhesive, packaging, textile, and electronic industries.


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