Universal Testing Machine Accessories



Universal Testing Machine Accessories

1. Colour Touch Panel Color, Digital and Superior Control from setting up test method up to saving the analysis data.

2. Commander Ergonomic and easy to use manual operation button for controlling the crosshead, starting the test and setting up extensometer

3. Display Magnetic detachable digital indicator to provide the operator clear value of force and position.

4. MSAT Software Recently developed and powerful software to help us to set up a test, data analysis, calculation and data storage for each testing mode.


Universal Testing Machine Test Jigs

A&D has a substantial experience on developing test jigs that suitable for different industries with the international standard compliance. A&D produces many different type of tensile, bending, compression, peeling test for different capacity and various product application. Applied testing devices for elongation measurement from the high resolution contact type to non-contact extensometer are also one of A&D specialty. All these make the total complete solution for mechanical testing needs for various industries.