Temperature & Humidity Chamber



HIFLEX α series – Temperature and humidity test chamber

The standard for environmental test chambers that meet wide-ranging needs. It has now been launched with a number of improvements. energy savings, low noise, reduced size, and high coolant capacity.

In 1983, ETAC became the first company in the chemical industry to incorporate microprocessors into its chambers. Since then, the HIFLEX products have been regarded as highly reliable, and the “Standard” for environmental test chambers. The new HIFLEX series, α, has now been launched, with a number of improvements: energy savings, low noise, reduced size, and high coolant capacity.


COLONIA series – Walk in Temperature and Humadity test Chamber

Advanced high performance satisfies flexibility needs

Taking into account the concept of “User-friendly products” and “Products that can satisfy flexibility needs”, we have improved not only the basic performance and functions of our chambers but also their complete safety. We have also devised a “Unit design”, which improves quality and enhances the completeness of our products before shipment. Because of the design, we can cut down on installation time at your facility. We prepare a wide variety of COLONIA chambers, from which, you can choose the equipment most suitable for your needs.



WINTECH series – Thermal shock chamber

This is a new WINTECH series that offers unique features of energy saving, space-saving, reduced recovery time, equable temperature uniformity performance, specimen temperature control etc.

This testing equipment is best used for various temperature cycle tests as well as thermal-shock tests of electronic components, semiconductor products, automobile devices, and plastic products. Long term cycle test with stable temperature recovery performance is possible by succession of traditional “low/high temperature air damper-switching mechanism”.


HISPEC series – Constant temperature chamber (Oven)

Heat treatment on production lines, Temperature characteristics tests, and other general purposes

The HISPEC series are high performance chambers of high-precision temperature control through the use of digital controls. The chambers are made with sophisticated electronics technology and a long experience of manufacturing technology for environmental test systems. This series is composed of 75 chambers. You will find this series the best for your needs; from temperature testing to baking, ageing, and drying on a production line. The main units of the chamber such as motor and heater, have high endurance for long duration running.


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