Load Cell / Standard Rockwell Hardness Tester


LC Model

Load cell Type Rockwell Hardness Tester system from FUTURETECH CORP is developed with versatile function and peerless advance technology. This Rockwell Hardness Tester is using load cell feedback and direct linear displacement measurement which is superior to the conventional type.

The system has very wide range of test load from 15 kgf superficial Rockwell up to the 150 kgf Rockwell type and for Brinell test load is ranging from 6.25 kgf up to 187.5 kgf conforming to ISO 6506-2.




  • Entire Test Cycle will be performed Full-Automatically
  • Direct Loading Method with Load-Cell Feedback instead of Weights System & Direct Linear Displacement Measurement
  • Ultimate in Flexibility conforming to Various Requirements by ISO, JIS, ASTM. Etc
  • User-friendly One-touch Operation on vivid 8-Color TouchPanel for Display and Input all Test Conditions
  • One Tester, All Rockwell Scales, Regular & Superficial, and Light Load Brinell Test instantly available with the touch of a finger
  • Various Data Editing & Statistical Function available.
  • Max. 2000 Data Memory Capacity
  • 8 Languages available
  • Self Diagnosis Function available

FR Model




Features :

  • Hardness conversion for many scales are displayed on the panel
  • Capable to set upper and lower limits and OK/NG display
  • Easy Zero Setting
  • Steady Load Mechanism
  • Automatic Start Loading
  • All test conditions like as measuring scale, dwell time, conversion scale, etc can be set on the durable front membrane sheet panel.

FR-1AN Model

An Entry level model Analogue Rockwell Hardness Tester from Future-Tech Corp.  It has an attractive new design, high reliability with strong body as well as economical model made of utility. FR-1AN continue to serve many industry over long period of time.

To learn more about this instruments you may go to  Future-Tech website  or you can write an email   for sales rep to contact you.