Air Gauges




Air plug gages are used for testing cylindrical through bores or blind bores. The plug gage bodies are equipped with two opposing measuring jets which record the measured value without contact. This arrangement allows the diameter, the diametric roundness and the cylindricity of bores to be calculated using a single jet air plug gage.

The diameter is measured immediately after the air plug gage is introduced, while the diametric roundness deviation can be tested by rotation around 180° and the cylindricity by movement in a longitudinal direction.

The maximum measuring range of the air plug gages is 76µm/.003in.

Air plug gages are furnished in high chrome stainless steel or chrome plated versions and, if required, with a shut-off valve to conserve air consumption.

The air tooling long service life is due in part to hardened measuring jets which are recessed relative to the generated surface of the measuring body and are, therefore, protected against damage.

The standard Mahr Federal air tooling is compatible with the complete line of evaluation units. These include Dimensionair, uDimensionair, 832 PE, 1840 PE, and 1841 PE signal sharing column. Air/Electric convertors for interfacing to gaging computer systems are also available.

Special air gage designs for measuring taper, straightness and other applications are available. Contact Mahr Federal.

For applications greater than 1000 feet, special calibration is required



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