Portable Coating Thickness Gauges



CMI 95

Micro resistance copper thickness tester for fast, accurate analysis of copper laminate thickness regardless of dielectric material thickness. LED indicator with 5, 9, 12, 17, 35, 70, 105, 140 μm.

CMI 153

Current dual coating thickness instrument with LCD display. Designed for single-handed measurement of all non-conductive coatings (Anodize, Paint, Epoxy, etc.) on non-ferrous substrates (Aluminum, Copper, etc.) and non- magnetic coatings (Paint, Chrome, Copper, etc.) on ferrous substrates (Steel).


CMI 243

Eddy current coating thickness measurement instrument specifically designed and user calibrated for fast, precise measurement of electroplated coatings such as Zinc on Steel, Cd on Steel, Cr on Steel, Ni on Steel, Cu on Steel, Magnetic Coating on Steel


CMI 563

The 563 Package employs the micro- resistance test method technology, providing the most effective and efficient way of achieving accurate, precise measurement of surface copper thickness, including copper- clad laminate, electroless, and electrolytic copper


CMI 760

The 760 measures both surface copper and through-hole copper. This highly expandable bench top system is capable of both micro- resistance and eddy-current testing, amounting in accurate and precise measurement of both surface copper and through-hole copper.



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