Portable CMM Machine




Vectoron is available with contact stylus as well as laser scanning head for non contact measurement operation. Vectoron radial measuring range is ranging from 3500 mm in horizontal radius, 3200 mm in vertical radius and below, depending on models. The accuracy of the system 2σ is ± 0.04 mm and above, depending on model. Vectoron arm system can accommodate CAD data for easy and quick loading of sample model, form and dimension. Most of 3D measurement function, parameter, statistical calculation and operation are available within Vectoron software.


Laser sensor

With the laser probe mechanism adopted, this sensor uses laser beams to scan the object in order to detect the spatial coordinates of its surface. Unlike a conventional laser sensor, this is a sensor that does not use antihalation spray, enabling measurement of lustrous or black surfaces. The scanning width and resolution can be selected, contributing to a higher efficiency and speed of measurement. This small-sized and lightweight handy type model is featured in the structure designed against impact from ambient light.


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