Others for Rubber



Ball Rebound Tester

Ball Rebound Tester

serves for the determination of the resilience elasticity of foams acc. to DIN EN ISO 8307 and ASTM D 3574



Rebound Elasticity Tester II

Rebound Elasticity Tester

for elastomers, softelastic foams and similar materials evaluation of the median monitoring of the double oscillation according to standard serial interface

Standard : din 53512 / din 53573 / iso 4662 / astm d 1054 / nf iso 4662


Abration Tester

Abration Tester

Abrasion Tester for determination of the resistance of elastomers in regard with the frictional loss of a rotating or fixed specimen

Standards : DIN 53516, DIN ISO 4649

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