Mobile Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES)




PMI-MASTER PRO is mobile, fast and reliable metal analyzer which is widely used in metal, petrochemical, petroleum, automotive and positive material identification market.

Apart from the new excitation-electronics, which guarantee a superior precision and constancy in both Arc and Spark results, the energy management of the instrument was also enhanced for mobile use. The 24 volt power supply is designed to guarantee independence from mains power over a number of days.

Operation is via a 12.1 inch touch-screen monitor. Thanks to the multi CCDs Optical-system with up to 30,000 channels, material tests on all standard material grades and chemical elements can be executed. With the optional UV probe assessing P and S in Steel is unproblematic. The PMI-MASTER PRO is capable to measure Fe, Al, Cu, Ti, Co, Ni, Zn, Mg alloy.



TEST-MASTER PRO is a robust, mobile spectrometer for precise analysis, quick grade ID and sorting of metallic samples. It is optimised for continuous operation, and is ideally suited for heavy industrial and fully automated applications. The TEST- MASTER PRO exhibits the unique capability to produce precise carbon analysis with a surprisingly short 4 second test. Frequencies and voltages up 500 Hz / 500 V as well as an arc current of up to 6 amps allow the trouble-free excitation.

Speed of analysis, precision and user-friendliness were the most important factors in the development of the TEST-MASTER PRO. The Test- Master Pro is capable to measure Fe, Al, Cu, Ti, Co, alloy.



With the new PMI-MASTER Compact, Oxford Instruments now extends the range of mobile metal analyzers to a spectrometer at entry-level based on the well proven technology of the PMI-MASTER Pro. PMI-MASTER Compact is the first choice for the cost-conscious user seeking a reliable yet robust metal analyzing instrument for routine analysis work.

The mobile metal analyser PMI-MASTER Compact is a robust, mobile spectrometer for the precise analysis of the common alloys made of steel, Aluminium, Copper and Nickel. It is the ideal analyser at entry level for routine analysis work. It cover wavelength range of 170 nm up to 420 nm. PMI-MASTER Compact operating on main power supply only and it equipped with easy maneuverable trolley


Mobile OES analysers from Oxford Instruments

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