Layout Machine




The latest CNC based layout machine from Tokyo Boeki Techno System has been developed through extensive research, material selection and precision machining.

Making the system has an accuracy of (40+30L/1000) μm where L is measuring length in mm. The J model also make use of Tokyo Boeki Techno System layout machine frames, available in a variety of standard and optional sizes, are designed exclusively for our columns and arms. They are manufactured from thick, high grade ribbed, cast iron for one of the most rigid and durable frames in the industry.The J series are available in 4 different models 1212 J, 1612 J, 1615 J, 2015 J.



Our precision built cantilever columns and arms have been used successfully for years in a wide variety of industries for accurate measurement, marking and digitizing. The have been designed for operational flexibility and require no special training to operate. These two series has several different models depending on the measuring range and size of the system.


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