Fully Automatic Vickers / Micro Vickers Hardness Tester


FM/FV ARS 10k Series

Introducing the new innovation from FUTURETECH CORP the most advanced fully automatic Microhardness/Vickers Hardness Testing System. The system is capable of high-speed Sample Profile Memory Function


The system is capable of high-speed Sample Profile Memory Function and it becomes very reliable for large quantities of Testing without human interference.The series of measurement operation starts from continuous indentation with motorized auto stage, automatic focusing with motorized z-axis control, reading the indentation measurement automatically and finally recording the results to the database. The software is also equipped with various data output format and statistical processing features.

Semi automatic model is also available from FUTURETECH CORP. AR 90 is the automatic reading system and ARS 900 is our automatic reading system with motorized X-Y Stage.


  • A series of measurement operations : Continuous Indentation~Focusing~Reading~Data Record :Just by selecting a measurement pattern, all testing will be fully-automatic with high speed.
  • Various Measurement Patterns…
  • Intelligent Sample Profile Memory Function allows complicated Random measurements or Teaching Measurement along with the edge of specimen - Standard Function
  • Various Patterns can meet customers’ requirements : Straight Line / Zigzag / Circle /Arc / Line Set / Random / Matrix / Teaching / etc.



  • Capability of Reading unclear Indents on un-mirror surface has been improved by more advanced Data Processing Software

ph_ars06 ph_ars07 ph_ars08


  • Various Data Output Format and Statistical Processing…

ph_ars09 ph_ars10 ph_ars11

  • Case Depth of indicated HV Hardness can be displayed instantaneously on the Chart after continuous Measurements on Carbonized Layer.
  • Various Data Output available - Measurement Data, Hardness Distribution Chart, Case Depth, Max. Value, Min.
    Value, Mean Value, Dispersion, Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Variation, OK-NG Criteria, Conversion Data, etc.
  • Display and Output Color Profile Picture linked with Hardness Values – Standard Function


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