Coordinate Measuring Machine




is a universal CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine with VAST XXT scanning probe from Zeiss which use in shop floor as measuring gage and flexible gage.

DURAMAX is a universal CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine with VAST XXT scanning probe from Zeiss which use in shop floor as measuring gage and flexible gage. With the VAST XXT probe the system is capable for single-point probing and scanning. It also equipped with standard control panel, overdrive for speed control during CNC operation as well as superior CALYPSO Software developed by Zeiss.

Besides accuracy and flexibility, DURAMAX has advantages of Small footprint and easy set- up, temperature stability up to +30oC and do not require compressed air DURAMAX also has a linear measuring tolerance TVA of 2.4 + L/300 is one of the best machine for shop floor coordinate measuring machine.



The affordable CONTURA G2 was designed primarly for small and mid-sized companies. It enables the processing of high data densities, maximum speed inspection and high quality measuring results due to its VAST scanning capabilities. Apart from scanning technology, CONTURA G2 also equipped with ceramic guideways in the X and Z axes provide rigidity and protection against temperature fluctuations, moisture and other environmental influences.

On the other hand, this system also equipped with air bearings on all axes deliver higher rigidity and stability at high travel speeds and acceleration. CONTURA G2 allows selection of sensor technology that best fits to the application such as CONTURA G2 direkt, CONTURA G2 RDS, CONTURA G2 aktiv and CONTURA G2 navigator. CONTURA G2 has a length measuring error of up to 1.5 + L/300, according to DIN EN ISO 10360-2:2001.



SPECTRUM is a world-class CMM and is a combination of best high-tech material and features to provide cutting edge quality. Its superior quality is contributed by Computer Aided Accuracy, hard coat aluminum parts ensure long term stability of guideway behavior, glass ceramic length measuring system, wrap around air bearing in all axis as well as passive vibration damping with elastomer spring elements. The dual joystick panel makes motorized control easy and also includes LCD graphic display for coordinate and stylus information, repositioned joysticks for better usability and improved mechanical deflection features.

It can withstand up to 825 kg for largest SPECTRUM model. This CMM model is designed to work with most Renishare sensors , such as MH20i, RTP20 and PH10 motorized indexing heads. SPECTRUM has a length measuring error of up to 2.4 + L/250, according to DIN EN ISO 10360-2:2001.



Just measure.
Faster and more efficient use of the software is required for ease of use. myCALYPSO makes it possible. The 50 most common measuring jobs are programmed in macros and can be combined to create individual measurement plans. The easy and intuitive user guidance throughout the measuring run with clear, context-related instructions enables fast measurement and evaluation.


Revolutionary CAD-based software.
Imagine measuring software that returns exactly the information you want within the shortest possible time; measuring software whose results can be understood by everyone involved in the manufacturing process; measuring software that frees you from time-consuming, routine activities. You select the tolerances from the drawing 7.7.6 7.10.6 10.12.6 10.16.6 Measuring range X (mm) 700 700 1000 1000 Y (mm) 700 1000 1200 1600 Z (mm) 600 600 600 600 or the CAD model according to the requirements of the workpiece. You define the measuring elements to be evaluated. The integrated assistant helps you select the necessary references and before you know it, your measuring plan is ready. This method of creating and maintaining measuring plans – Visual Metrology – is the basis of CALYPSO. The advantages are at your finger tips: create a measuring plan without programming a single line! No time-consuming, structural programming. No difficult code or text editing. Concentrate on what’s really important – the actual measuring task.


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