Contour & Roughness and Hybrid Measuring Instrument


DSF 500

By 1 scanning, contour and roughness or waviness are able to be gained. High resolution and wide dynamic range and suitable for complex-shape precision components



DSF 800

DSF800 is a digital contour and roughness measuring instrument to achieve wide dynamic range measurements with high accuracy.Various parameters of surface roughness or waviness and various contour are analyzable.




Surface Roughness / Contour Measuring Instrument. Easy operation by Touch Panel. For various kind of sample.

Surface Roughness

Analysis : Many parameters of different standards in one measurement.(Roughness measurement) Contour High resolution (Max. Sampling points : 64,000 points) and long measuring distance.




Portable type Measuring lnstrument. Surface profile can be displayed in real time.

Surface Roughness

The unit can output the parameters based on multiple standards just a time.(Roughness Measurement) Contour High resolution (Max. Sampling points : 64,000 points) and long measuring distance.





SEF3500 is a combination unit with surface roughness and form contour measuring instrument, able to evaluate roughness, waviness and contour profiles.

Surface roughness measurement

Complied to worldwide Standards Automatic Z and X axis calibration function Auto performance measurement through printing Contour measurement Multi-cross sectional contour analysis One key operation-system powerful macro function Operation support




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